Sarajevo Queer Festival organisers receive more death threats

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LGBT rights activists and participants in Bosnia’s first Queer Festival have continued to receive death threats following a violent attack in which eight people were injured.

On 25th September, a mob of protestors dragged participants in the festival from their cars and beat them in the streets, whilst chanting “Allah akbar” (“God is Greatest”).

A larger group of fascist protesters threw stones at people arriving at Sarajevo’s Art Academy for the opening ceremony of the festival.

The festival closed on the day after the attacks. Amnesty International now reports that the organisers of the festival are still receiving death threats, despite the cancellation.

Amnesty International is has called on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s government to protect the festival organisers. So far, they have had no reply to their demands.

The European Parliament’s Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights condemned the violence as “cowardly behaviour” at the time of the attack.