EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning’s life hangs in the balance

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Max is still on a life support machine this week. The Brannings are certainly feeling the strain – Tanya is drained and Bradley is quite obviously edgy. Jack is also far from in the clear. DI Turner points out that if Max wakes up, he could easily frame Jack for the accident. This is not welcome news for Jack.

It seems that Jack’s day is about to get a whole lot worse too. DI Keeble turns up in the square and announces that he’s taking over the case from DI Turner. Keeble wastes no time in hauling Jack back to the station for questioning. Residents of the square look on in shock as once again Jack disappears in the back of a police car.

Keeble then turns his questions on Tanya. She’s forced to admit that she wasn’t actually with Jack at the time of the accident. What will Keeble make of this revelation?
Jack’s about to get the alibi he needs though, but who from? Ronnie of all people. She tells the police that she was with Jack when Max was knocked down.

The police are still keen to know what Abi saw of the incident. Will her version of events shed some light on whodunit? There seem to be plenty of people with a motive.

Elsewhere in the square, Jane and Ian still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye about her new found career as a stand-up comic. Maybe it’s because Ian’s the punch line for most of her jokes! But how funny will Ian find his wife when he discovers that she’s headlining a comedy night at the Vic? This should prove to be a giggle!

Sean gets fed-up with Roxy when she insists on taking Ronnie to her antenatal classes. He feels that he should be more involved. But Roxy tells him that she wants all her family round her at the moment.

Phil’s holiday isn’t exactly going to plan. He calls Archie and tells Peggy that Ben wants to come home early. He’s arranged to put the lad on the next flight. Peggy is sent to pick Ben up from the airport.

Peggy leaves Shirley in charge of the Vic while she pops off to get Ben. Shirley is outraged that the young boy is being sent back early. Peggy insists that it’s for the best as Ben doesn’t want to miss any school.

Meanwhile, Bianca is trying to get Tony to commit to doing something special to
celebrate his impending birthday but Tony is hesitant.

Whitney has her own plans for Tony’s birthday and puts the final touches to a special birthday card for him. Will she be able to deliver it? Or will Bianca be able to persuade Tony to go out with her?
EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning’s life hangs in the balance