Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Peter agree to bring up Simon?

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Weatherfield is still reeling from the after-effects of Jon’s kidnapping shenanigans. Rosie and Fiz are struggling to come to terms with what’s happened. Rosie finds herself jumpy and agitated. Fiz is completely stressed out by the fact that John keeps phoning her. Kirk wonders if it’s the right time for him and Chesney to go to South Africa to visit Cilla.

Elsewhere on the street, Dan asks Peter if he would be interested in buying the bookies. At the Barlow household things are upside down when a horrified Ken and Blanche realise that Peter has called social services to take Simon away. Ken can’t stand the thought of his grandson going into care and in a rash moment he offers to take of him. Blanche wonders what Deidre will have to say about this.

But Deidre won’t have to worry. Peter visits Lucy’s solicitor and finds out that she’s left him everything on the understanding that he takes care of Simon. Peter agrees instantly. What will Ken say when he finds out his son will now keep Simon, just for the money? Peter is far more interested in putting in an offer for the bookies now that he has money burning a hole in his pocket.

Things are not good at Underworld. Tony is staying very quiet about the fact that he recently raided the payroll. But when the girls find out that their wages haven’t been paid into their bank accounts all hell breaks loose. How will Tony talk his way out of this? We wouldn’t like to be in his shoes!

Gail and Joe admit their relationship to David and Tina this week. What on earth will they say when they find out about their parents?

David is getting himself into plenty of hot water too. When the Windass family refuse to pay for a kitchen that Joe has fitted, David turns debt collector. He arms himself with a large piece of wood and decides to pay them a visit. But David is about to get into bother with one of the most notorious families in Weatherfield. What will happen to him?

Back at Underworld, Sally and Tony are concerned when a journalist comes to the factory looking for Rosie.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Peter agree to bring up Simon?