EastEnders Spoilers: Who knocked down Max Branning?

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The tension is high in Walford this week as we’re all desperate to find out whodunit. Who knocked over Max Branning and put his life at risk? There are certainly plenty of people with serious motives.

DS Grimwood questions Lauren about what she saw. Tanya looks on anxiously and is concerned that her daughter is getting too upset by the situation. Tanya cuts the interview short and Lauren wants to know why. Her mum explains that she just needs time to think.

Later, Lauren tells her mum that she can’t keep what she knows a secret for much longer – she wants to tell the police everything. Tanya tells her to stay quiet. But what does Lauren really know?

Later, at the police station, DS Grimwood tells Keeble that there’s been a breakthrough in the investigation. At the same time we see Tanya staring into a mirror looking fiercely determined; Bradley is alone at the Branning’s putting his coat on; Jack pours himself a stiff drink at R&R. Any one of them could be the culprit. Who really did it? You’ll have to watch for clues.

Over at the Vic, things aren’t exactly rosy. Suzy and Phil are back. Peggy has taken the news that Phil and Ben are moving out rather well. Ben enters and clumsily drops a cake he’s baked for school. Phil quickly nominates Suzy to help him make a new one. She’s not exactly overjoyed at the thought of baking so she slips Ben a tenner and tells him to buy one.

Poor Ben heads to the shops upset and deflated at Suzy’s attitude. When he explains to Shirley and Heather what’s happened and that he’ll get detention if he doesn’t make the cake, Heather tells him that Shirley will help him out. What will Shirley make of this?

Later in the week, the residents of Albert Square join forces to raise cash for the BBC’s Children in Need. There’s a cake baking competition and the cake fiasco with Ben earlier in the week leads to Suzy and Shirley being rather competitive. Each one determined that they can make the better cake. Suzy is using some rather underhand tactics though and
Shirley is seriously hampered when Heather eats all of her ingredients. Sound like this could be a giggle to watch!

Of course, all the action eventually ends up in the Vic where the ‘Enders will celebrate with a Children in Need party. Sounds like this could definitely be a week in Walford well worth watching.
EastEnders Spoilers: Who knocked down Max Branning?