Coronation Street Spoilers: Carla is determined to go through with her wedding to Tony

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There’s trouble in store for Tony as Carla surprises him with a visit from his brother, Pat, and then Jed demands more money for the house he evicted him from.

Jed also tells his tales to Kevin and Sally – fuelling her anger about the secrets Rosie has been asked to keep and the fact Carla makes a disparaging remark about Kevin. The wedding goes ahead smoothly – until Sally can’t contain herself any more and spills the beans to Maria about Carla and Liam.

Needless to say it sends Maria on a trail of furious investigation despite Michelle’s assurances that a kiss doesn’t mean an affair. The one person who might know something – Rosie – shocks Maria with her side of the story.

Steve is desperate to get away and spend some time with Becky but Michelle wants him to organise some farewell drinks for her parents. He is planning to push her to the brink by being a “bad boyfriend” and the tactic works when she leaves him behind to go to Tony and Carla’s wedding, as he isn’t ready.

That leaves him free to spend the entire day with Becky in the bar – but she tells him she doesn’t just want to be his bit on the side. This leads Steve to picking more fights with Michelle, in an attempt to push her to finish with im.

Ken and Peter continue to row about Peter’s lack of parenting skills but Peter claims he is getting his act together. He proudly tells Deirdre that he set three alarm clocks to get Simon to school. But has he really got the hang of being a dad?

Tina is worried about her dad and the amount of cash he is splashing out on Gail’s new kitchen and when he gives her a jewellery box she asks him if he has taken out a dodgy loan, she’s secretly pleased with the present but is concerned about Joe.

Elsewhere, Molly almost catches Tyrone selling some of Pam’s knock-off perfume and her suspicions are raised again.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Carla is determined to go through with her wedding to Tony