Cardi B sued for defamation after calling Trump supporters who ‘told her sister go back to her country’ racist

Cardi B. (Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Cardi B is being sued for defamation by a group of ardent Trump supporters who claim she called them “racist”.

The rapper and professional provocateur, the lawsuit alleged, labelled the group “racist” following a bust-up between them and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, in Smith Point Beach, New York.

Cardi B, known off-stage as Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, uploaded video footage of the scuffle, in which she alleged that the group targeted Carolina and her girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, on Labor Day weekend.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the “WAP” star reportedly referred to the group as “racist [MAGA] supporters”. Such claims of “racism”, Ray said, are “maliciously false”, Vanity Fair reported.

Cardi B also shared voices note from her sister, in which Hennessy alleged that the group “yelled” at her and her girlfriend and told them “go to your f**king country” because they were speaking Spanish.

Cardi B claims MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters harassed her lesbian sister. 

Plaintiffs Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo and Manuel Alarcon claimed that Hennessy accused them of racism them because one of them was wearing a MAGA hat.

The group’s legal counsel, John Ray, said: “These folks are in real fear for themselves from what can be done to them by these people, and they are defamed, and their reputation destroyed.”

When asked by the network whether they are racist, Caliendo said: “Oh my God no, no.

“We are not racist. We are not homophobes.”

They claimed that the video uploaded by Cardi B is “edited” and that the “entire audio is false.”

What sparked the scuffle, Caliendo said, was a dispute over Carolina’s parked car which, he claimed, blocked Alarcon’s.

The lawsuit levelled a volley of accusations against Carolina – assault, battery, as well as threatening and defaming the beachgoers.

Both she and Cardi B are being sued for defamation, with the suit seeking up to $20million in damages.

“There are consequences, and these are the consequences,” Ray bluntly said.

“You’re getting sued. I know Cardi B sings a song about money. This is about money.

“These people’s reputations are about money. That’s what you bring lawsuits for.”

PinkNews has contacted representatives for Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina for comment.