Model claims he had two-year relationship with Stephen Gately

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Georgi Dochev, the Bulgarian student and model who was at the Majorca apartment where gay Boyzone singer Stephen Gately died, has claimed he had known Gately and his civil partner for two years.

Dochev initially said he had first met the couple in a club the night before Gately died in October but admitted he had lied.

He told Bulgarian radio station Darik that he had been seeing the couple for several years and would go to their home after being out clubbing.

He also said he had a sexual relationship with both Gately and his civil partner Andrew Cowles.

Dochev provoked anger from Boyzone fans when he claimed that he was in bed with Cowles at the time of Gately’s death.

Gately died from an undiagnosed heart condition which led to fluid on the lungs. He was found on the sofa of the holiday apartment the morning after a night clubbing.

Dochev said in the November interview that he and Cowles had an “unbreakable bond”.

Cowles and the remaining members of Boyzone have not commented on the claims.