Homophobic attack victim condemns Iris Robinson

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A man who was beaten in a homophobic attack shortly before Iris Robinson made her now infamous anti-gay remarks has said her husband should divorce her.

Stephen Scott was battered by three youths in June 2008. Police confirmed they were treating it as a homophobic assault.

A week later, Robinson appeared on BBC Radio Ulster to condemn the attack but added that Scott could be “cured” of his homosexuality.

The born-again Christian said: “I have a very lovely psychiatrist who works with me in my offices and his Christian background is that he tries to help homosexuals trying to turn away from what they are engaged in.

“And I have met people who have turned around to become heterosexual.”

Following her interview, Scott said her comments had made his life “hell” and that he would not rest until she stood down.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror today, he called on Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland’s first minister, to divorce his adulterous wife.

Scott said: “I would ask Peter to stay on, he’s done nothing wrong. But I would also say he should divorce Iris as it’s once a cheater always a cheater.”

He added: “To some extent I do feel for Iris, especially since she’s getting treatment now for psychiatric problems. But I still think she should stand down.

“She quoted from the Bible to condemn people like me for being gay, yet now we hear she was committing adultery.

“I would say to Peter they could fight for the marriage if she had strayed once, but it’s claimed she strayed three times.

“She talked about getting psychiatric help to stop people being gay but now she’s the one getting help.”

He also said his offer of a face-to-face meeting with Robinson still stood and suggested it could help her.

Robinson followed up her ‘gay cure’ comments by saying homosexuality was “an abomination”.

She resigned as MP for Strangford yesterday and is thought to be undergoing psychiatric treatment in a Belfast hospital.

Her husband has stepped aside as first minister for six weeks while he fights to clear his name over allegations he knew about her financial arrangements with a 19-year-old lover.