Gay Daily Mail journalist to write ‘out and proud’ column

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Andrew Pierce, the former assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph, has revealed he will write a column for the Daily Mail reflecting his “out and proud” outlook.

Pierce, who is gay, left the Telegraph to join the Daily Mail as consultant editor this month.

His appointment to the newspaper, one of Britain’s best-sellers, came just after columnist Jan Moir wrote a provocative piece on gay singer Stephen Gately’s death.

She was accused of homophobia and some of the 25,000 people who complained to the Press Complaints Commission over her October article said she had blamed Gately’s “lifestyle” for his death.

Pierce confirmed today that he was sitting next to Moir in the Daily Mail’s London office, something he said had caused a “stir”.

He told that although details were still being finalised, he would write a column for the newspaper along with producing features and exclusive stories.

He said: “Change from within and all that. I’ll have a column. It will reflect me, my outlook – gay, out and proud. That won’t change. I’m very excited, as people can’t ignore the Daily Mail.”

During his time at the Daily Telegraph, Pierce occasionally wrote about being gay.

In 2007, he described his childhood as an adopted Catholic, saying he disagreed with Catholic adoption agencies being allowed to refuse gay couples but did not believe they should be forced to close.