Gareth Thomas ‘wicked’ for supporting LGBT History Month

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Rugby player Gareth Thomas has been accused of “promoting” gay sex to young children for his patron role in LGBT History Month.

Thomas came out in December and has enjoyed overwhelming support from his teammates and the public.

But Stephen Green, the director of the small homophobic group Christian Voice, accused him of wickedness for volunteering to help educate schoolchildren about gay history.

Mr Green said in a press release that the yearly event was “shameful propaganda” and that organising group Schools Out was “promoting sodomy to school-children under the guise of anti-bullying”.

He said: “In adolescence, pro-sodomy teaching in secondary school can easily turn an adolescent phase of same-sex attraction, which many girls and boys go through, into a fixed orientation.

“Gareth Thomas is urging such children to identify themselves as homosexual, and to inhibit their normal development into heterosexuality. That is a wicked thing to do to impressionable young people. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke about millstones being tied around the necks of those who lead children astray.”

Mr Green continued: “Most right-thinking people would be appalled that sex in any form and sodomy in particular is being thrust down small children’s throats, yet that is what Gareth Thomas is now promoting. It would be understandable if any club associated with him came to be tarred with the same brush. Right-thinking people do not like sodomy being promoted to children.”

Thomas, 35, told Wales on Sunday yesterday: “I appreciate not everyone will have the same viewpoint as me and I have no problem with that.”

His manager Emanuele Palladino, added: “Gareth is very proud of who he is and what his role is.

“He has had thousands of letters of support from boys saying how much he has helped them.

“He didn’t set out to be a role model, but by being the only high-profile gay sportsman he has ended up as that.”

Sue Sanders, the co-chair of LGBT History Month, said that Mr Green was only making life difficult for all children with his comments.

She told the newspaper: “Education is key to understanding the diversity of the human condition.

“When we do black history month we don’t turn all our kids black.

“Learning about someone does not mean that is what you turn into. You get knowledge and understanding.”