Christian street preacher to sue police over arrest for allegedly homophobic public sermon

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A Christian street preacher who was arrested last month for expressing his allegedly homophobic views is to take legal action over the incident.

Dan Mcalpine of Workington, Cumbria, who claims his public sermon made no mention of homosexuality, was approached by two police community support officers during his speech on 20 April this year, one of who was a LGBT liason officer and who warned Mr Mcalpine against preaching that homosexuality was “a sin”, as it would constitute hate crime. Mr Mcalpine, who said he disagreed, was later arrested and charged with creating “harrassment, alarm or distress” contrary to section five of the public order act.

However, earlier this month, crown prosecutors decided to drop the case against Mr Mcalpine after reviewing the evidence. At the time of Mr Mcalpine’s initial arrest, LGBT and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell condemned the move saying: “Causing offence to others is not a legitimate basis for putting a person on trial. Nearly everyone holds opinions that someone else might find offensive.”

Mr Mcalpine is suing for unlawful arrest, false imprisonment and unlawful interference with his right to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The Christian Institute said they are supporing Mr Macalpine and also financing his legal action.