Exclusive: David Cameron to hold first gay reception in a Tory Downing Street

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Conservative prime minister David Cameron is to hold a reception for the LGBT community ahead of London Pride.

The event will be held at Number 10 ahead of Pride Fortnight, PinkNews.co.uk can reveal.

It will be one of the first receptions held by the new prime minister and it is understood the attendees will include gay charities, equality campaigners, celebrities, gay businessmen and women and the pink press.

A Downing Street spokesman stressed the reception was being held by the coalition government and that representatives from Tory and Liberal Democrat gay groups would be invited.

He also said open Labour party supporters were on the guestlist and that it was not based on political support.

He said it would be a “community” event rather than political event and a “celebration” of efforts made by gay equality campaigners.

“Ahead of a summer of Prides, it will be a recognition of the importance gay people play in national life,” he said.

In 2009, Labour prime minister Gordon Brown began holding receptions for Pride and LGBT History Month.

The is first gay reception to be held by a Tory prime minister and Mr Cameron is expected to say a few words at it.

The spokesman would not reveal who had been invited. Last year, veteran gay campaigner Peter Tatchell was not invited to either Downing Street gay reception.

Mr Tatchell claimed he had been barred because of his criticism of the Labour government’s gay rights records.

Before the election, Mr Cameron told PinkNews.co.uk readers he wanted to “play a part” in celebrations such as Pride and LGBT History Month but could not say whether Downing Street would hold receptions for the events.

Downing Street would not comment on whether Mr Cameron would attend the Pride march on July 3rd, as the prime minister’s diary is kept confidential.

Last week, PinkNews.co.uk revealed that London mayor Boris Johnson was scrapping the mayoral Pride reception.

City Hall has decided to end receptions which are specific to minority groups, instead favouring “borough community receptions”.