BBC3 lesbian drama Lip Service opens with nearly 600,000 viewers

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Lip Service, the new lesbian drama on BBC3, opened with 580,000 viewers last night, a 4.4 per cent audience share.

The drama, dubbed the ‘British L Word’, was described by the BBC as “a bold new drama . . . about the sex lives and love affairs of twenty-something lesbians living in contemporary Glasgow”.

Last night’s 10.30pm show saw one of the main characters, Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), having sex in a funeral parlour beside a corpse.

Meanwhile, there were sex scenes with girlfriends Lou (Roxanne McKee) and Tess (Fiona Button), who are having relationship problems.

The drama was created by Mistresses writer Harriet Braun, who said she wanted it to be “authentic” to lesbian audiences.

Braun told BBC Newsbeat: “It was important to me that the lesbian characters came across as authentic to a lesbian audience.

“I wanted it to reflect life.”

She added: “Often gay characters in drama, the storyline centres on their sexuality, so there’s stories of coming out or issues around homophobia.

“I guess what I would like to see more of is gay characters where their stories are potentially about fighting crime or being a doctor.”