BBC has ‘no plans’ to employ Ray Gosling again

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The BBC says it won’t employ veteran broadcaster Ray Gosling after he admitted lying about the mercy-killing of an old lover.

The journalist and gay campaigner announced on the BBC’s Inside Out programme last April that he had smothered the man, who was dying of AIDS.

However, police found no evidence of his claim after spending £45,000 and hundreds of hours investigating it.

Gosling received a 90-day suspended prison service for wasting police time after Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard that the story was a “tissue of lies”.

During his trial, the BBC was strongly criticised for broadcasting his claims apparently without verifying them. The broadcaster later apologised to viewers.

A BBC spokesman told Press Association: “There are no plans to use Ray Gosling.”

Gosling and his lawyer Digby Jones have not commented.