Ugandan newspaper publishes ‘list of gays’ and calls for executions

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A Ugandan newspaper has published the names, addresses and photographs of the country’s “top” gays and lesbians.

Rolling Stone, which has no connection to the US magazine of the same name, had a banner across its front page which read “hang them”.

The article, published earlier this month, claimed that the men and women were trying to “recruit one million innocent kids”.

The weekly newspaper began publishing six weeks ago and its editor, Giles Muhame, defended the list and said authorities could use it to arrest gays and lesbians.

Human rights activist Julian Onziema told Associated Press that at least four people on the list had been attacked since it was published, while others are in hiding.

Julian Pepe, 29, who works for Sexual Minorities Uganda, was named in the list. Although she is an out lesbian, her parents are supportive of her.

She told CNN: “People have been attacked, we are having to relocate others, some are quitting their jobs because they are being verbally abused. It’s a total commotion.”

The government’s media council has ordered Rolling Stone to cease publishing – but because of incomplete paperwork, rather than the article.

When the newspaper organises its paperwork, it will be free to continue publishing.

The article was was published just five days before the one-year anniversary of the ‘kill gays’ bill, which received worldwide condemnation.

The bill, introduced by politician David Bahati, called for the death penalty or lengthy prison sentences for gays and lesbians.

It was shelved earlier this year.