Trans woman’s murderer guilty of rape

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A man convicted of murdering trans woman Andrea Waddell has been found guilty of raping another woman.

Neil MacMillan, 41, of Brighton, was found guilty today of raping the woman in her twenties five weeks before he strangled Ms Waddell, a sex worker.

He had gone to the woman’s flat to pay money he owed her last September but raped her.

According to PA, jurors at the Old Bailey were not told that he had murdered Ms Waddell shortly after the rape but Judge Stephen Kramer told them they had heard the case as they were “bound” to do.

MacMillan is to be sentenced on November 22nd and has been warned he may face life or an indeterminate jail term.

He is already serving at least 22 years behind bars for Ms Waddell’s murder.

Police could not uncover a motive for the killing but speculated MacMillan may have been unaware she was born male when he booked her services as a prostitute or that her health problems may have meant he became angry when she could not sleep with him.