Video: Politicians join Stonewall ‘It Gets Better Today’ campaign

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Politicians from all of the main parties have added their support to a Stonewall campaign to support gay teenagers.

The campaign is inspired by the US YouTube campaign It Gets Better and encourages people to record short videos of support.

Politicians who have signed up to the UK initiative include Labour MPs Diane Abbott and Ben Bradshaw, Liberal Democrat MPs Steve Gilbert and Stephen Williams and Speaker John Bercow.

The campaign tells young gay people that they do not have to wait for their lives to improve.

Mr Gilbert said: “This is such an important message for younger people in our society. I remember, all too well, the challenges and worries I had when coming out.

“But, it does get better, through the government’s programme to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, and the work of organisations like Stonewall, which is making a real difference on the ground every single day, things really are already getting better”

Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill added: “Stonewall is delighted that politicians from across the main parties are backing our new campaign. Young people don’t have to wait for things to get better in their lives – they can be great now. We work with hundreds of schools and employers who are making sure things do get better for gay people, right away.”

Others who have joined the campaign include novelist Stella Duffy, Christina Aguilera and BBC news presenter Jane Hill.

To watch a selection of the clips, see below.