German funeral home hopes to cater for gay send-offs

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A funeral home in Cologne, Germany, caters for gay people with a “sensitive” service and rainbow coffins.

Königsfeld & Brandl is run by Thomas Brandl, 32, and Michael Königsfeld, 34, who themselves are a gay couple.

According to The Local, an ad for their services says: “Those who want a warmer, somewhat more fantastical departure, will find us to be a sensitive partner.

“It’s not easy for gays and lesbians to tell an undertaker that they must bury their life partner. In this most difficult of situations it is easier for them to have a contact person who understands them.”

The couple say that they put gay customers in contact with special speakers and religious leaders, organise natural burials where other gay people have been buried and provide graveside champagne toasts and colourful balloon decorations.

They also offer rainbow coffins and caskets printed with erotic imagery, one of which is currently on display in the funeral home’s window.

Mr Königsfeld said that the coffins printed with nude male figures had been well-received, not least among older women.

“We had a widow in the office whose husband we buried and she was quite taken with the firm young men on the casket,” he said.