German politician Volker Kauder: Gays have no right to children

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Volker Kauder, chairman of one political parties in Angela Merkel’s coalition government, stated today that gays had no right to children, reports German newspaper Berliner Zeitung.

“This has to be accepted, even if it’s difficult for those affected,” Kauder told the daily paper.

“I don’t think children wish to be raised by homosexual couples.”

He said the a child’s well-being should be more important than the desires of adults to become parents.

He stated: “It’s not about whether the adults want to live as a happy family. There’s no right to have a child.”

The German parliament is dominated by the Christian Democratic Union, of which Kauder is chairman, and the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

The government introduced “registered partnerships” in 2001, and gays are allowed adopt the children of their partner, but there are no rights for homosexual couples to adopt a child to whom neither of them is related.

Earlier this year, Germany’s highest court, the Bundesverfassungsgericht, ruled the unequal treatment of straight and gay partners, when it comes to taxes and exemptions, unconstitutional.

Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Scharrenberger had said in August that Merkel’s centre-right coalition would iron out remaining disadvantages for gay couples in registered partnerships.