Mystery remains over spy’s death

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Police are still mystified over the death of British spy Gareth Williams, whose body was found padlocked inside a sports bag in August.

Mr Williams, 31, was a GCHQ code-breaker who was on secondment to MI6 at the time of his death.

His naked body was found locked inside a holdall at his Pimlico flat with the keys inside the bag. He is thought to have been dead for a week.

According to Press Association, police revealed today that he had visited bondage websites and had a £15,000 collection of women’s designer clothing.

They also said that a witness saw him at a gay bar in Vauxhall several months before he died and that he had visited a drag show a few days before his death. He also had tickets for two more drag shows.

Mr Williams is rumoured to have been gay, but police say they have not been able to speak to any of his sexual partners. He is said to have been intensely private.

Today, Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Sebire, who is leading the inquiry, said she believes Mr Williams was locked in the bag by another person and that police would continue to study his private life for clues.

Speaking at New Scotland Yard today, she said: “We remain completely open-minded about how he died.

“We are appealing today to someone who is out there to come forward and tell us more.”

No traces of drugs or alcohol were found in Mr Williams’ body. Experts found that he would have died after 30 minutes inside the bag from suffocation.

Police are seeking a man and a woman who visited his flat several weeks before his body was found and say that forensic evidence shows that other people were in the property.

His death is still being treated as suspicious and unexplained and an inquest will be held in February.