US Navy Capt fired for lewd videos

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US Navy Captain Owen Honors has been fired from his role over the obscene comedy videos he produced for his crew.

He lost command of the USS Enterprise over the raunchy films, which one gay group described as “frat house behaviour”.

He is said to have made the videos in 2006 and 2007, while serving as executive officer on the ship.

The films were described as “juvenile” and “obscene”. They included simulated gay and lesbian sex scenes, simulated masturbation and other sexual innuendo.

In one, he said: “This evening, all you bleeding hearts and you fags . . . why don’t you just go ahead and hug yourselves for the next 20 minutes or so, because there’s a really good chance you’re going to be offended tonight.”

Admiral John C Harvey Jr, commander of the US Fleet Forces Command, praised Honors’ record but said he could no longer serve effectively.

He said: “While Capt Honors’s performance as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise has been without incident, his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to serve effectively in command.”

Honors has been given an administrative role, the Navy said this week.

Some of his fellow sailors have spoken out in his defence, saying he should not have been relieved of command.

One, who would not be named because he remains on active duty, told the Washington Post: “I have nothing to gain or lose by saying that Capt Honors did wonders for the morale of our ship.

“I’ve been in for 13 years and never had an officer that I felt was more approachable.”

More than 23,000 people have joined a Facebook group in Honors’ support.