UUP leader Tom Elliott will meet gay community

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

The leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Tom Elliott, is to meet a gay rights organisation.

He said in September that he would refuse to attend gay rights parades or GAA matches if elected leader of the party.

Mr Elliott was invited for a meeting by the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association (Nigra) and said he would be willing to accept.

Nigra president P A Mag Lochlainn told Press Associated that he had read an interview with Mr Elliott in which he said he had found support on a gay website.

In the article, Mr Elliott said: “I read on a gay website just shortly after [saying he would not go to Pride], saying ‘At least this person’s being upfront and honest with us and he’s not trying to come here for a photo opportunity and take some sort of privilege that he doesn’t deserve’.”

Mr Mag Lochlainn said he was “delighted” that Mr Elliott had been reading gay websites and said his group was eager to discuss issues such as homophobic bullying with the politician.

Mr Elliott said he would be happy to meet the group.