Clinton Cards sells ‘batty boy’ card

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Updated story

Clinton Cards has been criticised for selling a greetings card which features a character called ‘Batty Boy’.

The card shows a cartoon Batman and his new sidekick, who has a limp wrist and an earring.

A caption says: “Batman wasn’t happy with his new sidekick”, while “Batty Boy” says: “Ooh! Love the suit Batsy! Meeow!!”

While some Twitter users found it funny, ‘Mippy’, who posted the image on Twitter, wrote: “An actual card on sale in Clinton Cards, in the year 2011.” reader Simon Francis said: “Firstly it’s deeply offensive, especially given how it’s widely known that the use of ‘batty boy’ in the UK originates from Jamaican songs calling for the death of gay men by using this phrase.

“Secondly, the card phrasing doesn’t even appear accurate as Batman actually looks quite happy with the gayer version of Robin!” is awaiting comment from Clinton Cards.