Ugandan asylum seeker wins case review

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A Ugandan asylum seeker has won the right to stay in the UK until her case is reviewed.

The 29-year-old lesbian says she will be killed if sent home because gay people are persecuted in Uganda.

She was due to be deported last week after a judge ruled that she was not gay.

Her supporters contend that there is enough evidence to prove her sexuality.

On Monday, a judge granted her the right to stay in the UK while her case is reviewed. She has also been released from Yarls Wood detention centre.

Although she has been previously named in the press, the judge ordered that she should henceforth be named by her initials, BN.

A judicial review will take place on Friday.

More than 30 MPs have signed an early day motion asking for BN to be allowed to stay in the UK.

Her case has also attracted the attention of Ugandan MP David Bahati, who tabled Uganda’s gay execution bill.

He told a journalist that she could return home if she “repents” but will be punished if she does not.