Polish MP expelled for lesbian joke

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Polish MP has been expelled from his party for making a sexist joke about lesbians.

Robert Wegrzyn of the centre-right Civic Platform party was given the boot this week, two months after he made the off-colour joke.

In February, when asked for his views on civil partnerships, he responded: “We can forget about gay men, but I would gladly watch lesbians.”

He went on to criticise gay people for “flaunting” their sexuality.

Mr Wegrzyn has confirmed he plans to appeal against the decision. He admitted his joke was inappropriate but said the penalty was too harsh.

He backtracked on his comments after women’s groups complained.

Last month, he said: “I am sorry if this joke insulted anybody because it really could have sounded sexist. That was not my intention.”

He added: “My views on relationships between two people are unchanging and conservative but this does not mean I am a homophobe or discriminate against anybody… I oppose discrimination against anybody on grounds of sexual orientation.”

Tomasz Tomczykiewicz, parliamentary leader of the Civic Platform party, said at the time that Mr Wegryzn’s remarks were “silly” and “irresponsible”.