French smartphone app ‘tells mothers if their son is gay’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A new app for Android smartphones claims it can tell anxious mothers whether their son is gay.

The 1.99 euro app asks 20 stereotypical questions, such as ‘Does your son like to dress well?’ and ‘Does he like musicals?’

Another question asks users whether they hoped for a daughter before their son was born.

If the test decides the son is straight, the app says: “You do not have to worry you, your son is not gay. So there are chances for you to be grandmother with all the joys it brings.”

If the app decides he is gay, it says: “No need to look the other way! He is gay! ACCEPT IT!”

Despite the message of reassurance, the app has been criticised for promoting “offensive” stereotypes.

In March, Apple removed a homophobic app from the iTunes store after almost 150,000 signed a petition.

The app, from gay cure Christian group Exodus International, was given a 4+ rating by Apple, meaning was deemed to have no objectionable content.

The group claims that people can find “freedom from homosexuality” through prayer and practises conversion therapy.