Transgender woman set to become Polish MP

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A transgender woman is expected to become the first trans person in Poland to be elected as an MP.

Anna Grodzka, 57, of Krakow, believes she will be the world’s only sitting transgender MP if elected for the Palikot Movement party.

A gay man, Robert Biedron, is also expected to become an MP.

Palikot Movement is a new political party which advocates civil unions, legalising soft drugs and liberalising abortion laws.

It was set up by former Civic Platform MP Janusz Palikot.

Despite poor predictions, the party came third in yesterday’s national elections.

Ms Grodzka did not come first in the poll but as the party’s top candidate for Krakow, the proportional representation system should ensure her a seat.

According to the Daily Telegraph, she said yesterday: “I’m not yet sure if I’ve been elected, but I’m very happy with the result scored by the Palikot movement.

“If I’ll be elected in Krakow, I’ll be Poland’s first transsexual, and the only transsexual MP not only in Poland, but the entire world.”

She added that another transgender woman, Georgina Beyer, had been an MP in New Zealand until 2007.