Cher: Chaz Bono is ‘same child, different wrapping’

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Cher says she sees her transgender son Chaz Bono as the same person inside after he transitioned.

The singer, who previously admitted she was finding it hard to deal with the change, now appears to have accepted it.

Speaking to People magazine, she said: “As a mum, you have a child, and then all of a sudden you have a different child. But you have the same child.

“And so, it’s very hard to kind of twist your mind around to the adjustment. But then, when you look at it and you’re around your child, you just think, ‘No difference’. Same child, different wrapping.”

She added: “There are some people that are never going to be able to move out of their comfort zone. But I think that when people could see Chaz and see what a wonderful person he is, and kind and funny and all that, then maybe they could just relax off of what their preconceptions are.”

Bono has spoken out for trans rights since announcing his transition in 2009. He is currently appearing on US primetime series Dancing With The Stars.