Video: Gay kiss interrupts Al-Jazeera report on Spain’s centre-right victory

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A live broadcast on the Spanish election at the weekend was interrupted by a gay couple sharing a prolonged kiss.

The centre-right People’s Party, who had opposed Spain’s gay marriage equality laws, swept to victory in the Mediterranean country at the weekend, sparking fears about the future of marriage equality.

Members of the People’s Party led protests against equality laws in 2005, and vetoed the legislation when it appeared in the Senate. It was ultimately overridden by Congress, but the party later instigated a constitutional challenge.

In 2006, a People’s Party city councillor for Ourense took advantage of the rules by marrying her partner.

Ricky Martin was granted Spanish citizenship amid rumours he plans to marry long-term partner Carlos Gonzalez Abella there.

About 25 second into the live report on Al Jazeera’s English-language network, two men appear on the right of the picture.

They begin to kiss passionately, while Andrew Simmons continues to report back to the studio, unaware.

The 20-second kiss ends with the camera zooming into towards Simmons and the pair moving off-screen.

It is not clear how politically motivated the kiss was.