Vancouver man, 79, was stabbed 130 times for killer’s “fear of homosexuals”

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A man has told a Canadian court his “fear of homosexuals” led him to murder an elderly man who he claims propositioned him, the Vancouver Sun reports.

Last week, George Phillip Holt was convicted of stabbing a 79 year old Reginald Haynes 130 times.

Holt said: “I killed the guy by accident.”

The murder occurred in August 2004, when Holt claims Haynes asked him to engage in a sex act for $50.

Holt and Haynes had been living at the Columbia Hotel in Vancouver, but the crime went unsolved for some years.

The defendant testified that he was high on cocaine at the time Haynes asked him to perform oral sex.

He said: “I started to lose it because I have a fear of homosexuals.”

A jury found him guilty of unpremeditated second-degree murder, which carries a life sentence.