Speaker John Bercow unveils new coat of arms with multiple gay rights symbols

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The Speaker of the House of Commons has unveiled his new portrait and coat of arms, which depict rainbow flags and pink triangles around the words “All Are Equal”.

Mr Bercow has become known for his support of LGBT issues in his time as an MP and as Speaker.

In November 2002, Bercow, then Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions, defied a three-line whip and voted, against the Conservative party’s wishes, in favour of allowing unmarried gay and straight couples to adopt children. He then resigned from the front bench.

In 2009, he spoke out in favour of holding civil partnerships at the Palace of Westminster.

This year he has hosted the launches of two LGBT charities at Westminster.

Kaleidoscope, of which Bercow is honorary president, launched in September with the aim of helping LGBT groups around the world in manners they decide.

In November, the Speaker hosted the launch of Diversity Role Models, which will use workshops around the country to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

The coat of arms also displays a ladder, signifying the Speaker’s humble upbringing, and four balls, representing his love of tennis.

The Speaker, who is married with three children, came under fire from the Taxpayers’ Alliance for spending £37,000 for the coat of arms and the portrait.

A spokesman for the Speaker said: “The artist’s fee is agreed through careful negotiation, balancing the prices artists can command for their work against strict value for money considerations.

“The portrait and the coat of arms form part of the Parliamentary Art Collection. This is a national collection which illustrates the history of Parliament and British politics over the century. The portrait remains the property of Parliament.”