UK trans artist offers to play any pride event in 2012 for free

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Trans singer and DJ Chrisie Edkins is offering to play any pride event in the world in 2012 for free.

If organisers can provide accommodation and transportation, she says she would like to promote the LGBT community around the world at any pride event possible.

Having performed at Las Vegas Pride in 2009, and at Alicante Pride in Spain and Exeter in the UK this year, the artist told she wants to play as many pride days as possible in the next twelve months in the name of charity.

Edkins, who works a DJ with 103.9 Voice FM in Southampton and said: “I’d like it to be non-stop, to go from one to another on a daily basis. I would play a pride event every day of the week if I could.

“I want to try to make a difference and show my support by doing what I love to do – performing.

“Pride is all about being proud of who are and showing the world there is nothing wrong with being the way you choose to be”.

She added that if scheduling conflicts occurred over June, when most Pride events happen, she would be happy to visit anyone who misses out in 2013.

Chrisie Edkins, who is signed to Play Records, can be contacted through her website,

Watch the video below for a look at her song, Hate.