Argentina: Gay couple legally recognised as fathers

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A gay couple in Argentina have been legally recognised as the fathers of their baby boy born by surrogate.

Alejandro Grinblat and Carlos Gustavo Dermgerd had a son named Tobias on June 29th in New Delhi. He was carried by a Canadian surrogate mother.

Tobias’ birth certificate reportedly lists both men as parents – a first for Argentina.

Speaking to CNN, Mr Dermgerd said: “We try not to care about society’s opinion in this matter and our family and every friend is happy, of course.

Mr Grinblat added: “We always thought about the idea of having a family with children but at the beginning, when we met, we didn’t think that the society was ready for a gay couple to have a kid.”
Last month, gay couples in Argentina celebrated the second anniversary of a law giving them the right to marry.

More than 6,000 gay couples have tied the knot since Argentina’s president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner signed the law on July 21st 2010.

Argentina was the first Latin American country to grant marriage equality and the law also allows gay couples to adopt children.

Since then, the country has passed a bill giving transgender citizens the right to have their gender recognised in law.