UK: Serial killer Peter Moore launches new appeal

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Serial killer Peter Moore, who murdered several gay men in 1995, is to appeal his life sentence at the Court of Appeal in London.

Between September and December 1995, he stabbed to death and mutilated four men for his own sexual gratification.

Cinema owner Moore was dubbed the “man in black” for his trademark black shirt and tie.

During his trial, Moore told the jury the crimes were committed by a gay lover he nicknamed “Jason” after the killer in the Friday the 13th horror films.

The jury found him guilty on all counts.

Moore, from Kinmel Bay in North Wales was jailed for life in 1996 for murdering Henry Roberts, 56, Edward Carthy, 28, Keith Randles, 49 and Anthony Davies, 40.

In January of this year, Moore along with convicted murderers Jeremy Bamber and Douglas Vinter failed to persuade the European Court of Human Rights that their sentences of life imprisonment amounted to inhuman or degrading punishment.

The three claimed condemning them to die in prison was wrong and argued all sentences should be regularly reviewed.

That ruling will now be tested by the court’s Grand Chamber in Strasbourg after a panel of five judges granted the appeal by killer Douglas Vinter, who stabbed his wife in February 2008.