Anderson Cooper: AIDS activist Spencer Cox was a ‘real life hero’ who saved countless lives

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Anderson Cooper, reflecting on the death of the notable HIV/AIDS activist Spencer Cox described the late campaigner as a “real life hero” who saved multiple lives.

Cox, one of the most significant AIDS activists in America died aged 44 of AIDS related causes earlier this week.

Cox co-founded TAG (Treatment Action Group) and was a spokesman for ACT UP, both major HIV/ AIDS organisations in the USA. As PinkNews described in an obituary, Cox was responsible for many of the early drug trial programmes for HIV medication and speeded up access to drugs for millions of people.

On his morning show, Cooper said: “Every now and then you come across real life heroes, people who have done remarkable things at a young age.

“He speeded up drug trials that got live saving medication to people. He save countless lives by helping speed up the process.”

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