Facebook removes page designed to out gay Ugandans

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A homophobic Facebook page aimed at outing gay Ugandans has been removed.

The page, titled “Kampala Exposed: Facts and Rumours,” had originally been created to “expose the rot in society,” according to its organisers.

A change.org petition asking Facebook to remove the page drew over 700 signatures.

LGBT Campaign group wrote:

“This highly trafficked page is attempting to incite mob violence, firing, eviction and annihilation of named people in Uganda who are perceived to be gay – or rumoured to be gay, or otherwise have angered the woman behind it in some personal way – by ‘exposing’ them online.”

Uganda is currently considering legislation aimed at increasing penalties for homosexual acts – which are already illegal in the country.

Although MPs broke up in 2012 without debating the measure, the bill, which threatens to impose the death penalty for those convicted of breaking the proposed law, could still be introduced in parliament when it reconvenes next month.

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills recently ruled out returning to the country in order to make a follow up documentary about the level of violent homophobia in the country.

He said it would be “unsafe” to do so.

In 2011, Mills went to Uganda and filmed the BBC Three documentary ‘The World’s Worst Place to be Gay.’