Video: Bryan Fischer defends anti-gay evangelist who said gay rights brought Noah’s flood

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Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association has come to the defence of an anti-gay evangelist who is being sued for supporting a Ugandan bill to intensify punishments for homosexuality, and claimed that “the left” is trying to “destroy” him.

Scott Lively, who has appeared as a guest on Mr Fischer’s show, is currently being sued by the organisation, Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleges that his actions in Uganda over the past ten years led to the persecution, torture, arrest and murder of gay people in the country.

In 2009 Scott Lively met with Ugandan public figures to teach against what he described as “the gay agenda”. One of his Ugandan contacts proposed a bill which was considered by the Ugandan parliament, which would have imposed the death sentence for homosexual behaviour.

In the video Bryan Fischer says: “Now what Scott Lively did in 2009 is he went to Uganda, and while he was there he delivered talks supporting natural marriage: marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and he told the truth about homosexual conduct.

“The emotional risks, the mental risks, the psychological risks, and the risks to human health involved in homosexual behaviour. That’s all he did.

“He did the same kind of stuff over there that we do every day here on Focal Point.” Mr Fischer went on to say that there were attempts to “destroy” him, and his organisation. He concluded:

“What the left has done is, they are on an absolute crusade to eliminate and exterminate pro-family voices. It’s not enough for them to simply engage us in debate and seek to persuade people that they’re right and we’re wrong.

“We’re for that, I don’t want them to be denied their voice. But they’re not content with that. They’re not content with debate. They want us to be destroyed. They’re not interested in discussion, they are interested in destruction.”

In a second video, Mr Fischer prays for Scott Lively, and seems to suggest that gay rights advocates are inspired by Satan, as he asks God to “send confusion into the camp of the Enemy.”

Bryan Fischer previously interpreted a genetic study to mean being gay is the “result of a birth defect” and has suggested that parents would be more likely to abort gay babies.

In October, CNN news anchor Carol Costello abruptly ended an interview with the American Family Association spokesman, after he was accused of making “hate speech”.

Scott Lively said in an interview earlier this week that he thinks gay rights are bringing the “wrath” of God, which is a sign that the world is nearing the “End Days”, just like before Noah’s flood.