Boris Johnson offers Olympic venues to organisers of the 2018 Gay Games

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Boris Johnson is set to offer the Olympic stadium, and other of London’s high-profile sporting venues to organisers of the 2018 Gay Games.

On Friday, Prime Minister David Cameron voiced his support for a bid aiming to have the Gay Games brought to London in 2018.

The Mayor of London said: “There should be no limit to London’s legacy ambitions. The capital’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018 is another example of that drive. 2012 has given us the belief to build a positive cornucopia of world-class sporting events.”

The other cities in the running for the games are Paris, Orlando, Amsterdam, Limerick and Rio de Janeiro. Over 12,000 participants from 70 nations are expected to compete in the games.

“Despite the controversy it has caused in Britain, the government’s efforts to legalise gay marriage is likely to boost Britain’s chances with the organisers of the 2018 event.”

Mr Johnson is rumoured to have secured the Olympic stadium for the events, and that he will ensure they are available for the Gay Games, despite West Ham football club having emerged as the preferred bidder to take over the stadium,

Jo Swinson, the equalities minister, said: “I have always been a passionate supporter of sport being open to everyone and I am wholeheartedly behind the bid to host the Gay Games in London in 2018.

“I believe hosting this event would encourage more people to take up sport. The more opportunities people have to do this, the greater our chances will be of creating new sporting heroes to inspire future generations.”

Voicing his support for the bid, David Cameron said: “The UK is currently bidding for the Gay Games in 2018 in London, which could give us something to cheer on that year, and I wish them every luck.”

Back in October, a massive drive to secure funding for London’s bid to host the Gay Games in 2018 was started.

The Gay Games is held ever four years, and the next is due to take place in the US city of Cleveland in Ohio in 2014.

During the games, people compete at all levels, from beginner to elite athletes, in up to 30 sports.