Angry crowd of fascists attack gay activists in Russian city of Voronezh

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Homophobic Russians have attacked gay activists in the city of Voronezh, the attacks have taken place following a protest against homophobic legislation in place in parts of the country and being considered in others.

Activists had announced that they would picket the city earlier in the week and several hundred anti-gay opponents gathered to counter the protest.

Videos seen by PinkNews show bottles, snowballs and other objects being thrown at the pro-gay protesters as well as fascists performing Nazi salutes outside an Adidas store. The videos later show police officers separating the protestors.

At least one pro-gay protestor needed medical assistance according to sources.

Last month, gay rights campaigners were attacked outside the Russian Parliament – a day after a leading football team was forced to deny it was both homophobic and xenophobic.

The protests last month and today were against a proposed new law banning “gay propaganda” that has been condemned by the European Parliament.

Russian courts in as many as nine regions currently punish the positive portrayal of gay people, in measures first adopted in 2006.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, said he did not see any reason why homosexuality should be banned legally in the country, and that it is not a big issue for many Russians.

St Petersburg passed a notorious anti-gay censorship law last year.