London: Gay couple claim they were denied joint beauty treatment by salon

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A couple from Woodford Green in North London are seeking police help after they claim that a beauty salon refused to treat them because they are gay.

Paul Creane, 44, and his civil partner Jhon Jairo Yepes Giraldo, 42, told the East London Guardian newspaper that they were given a £180 treatment as a Christmas gift via the Groupon website.

Mr Creane told the newspaper: “I called them and said I wanted to make an appointment for my partner and me.

“A woman at the salon said ‘What’s her name? I said ‘his’ name is Jhon? Is that a problem?’

“She said ‘I will have to check. We don’t see men together.’

“I was shocked. I said ‘Are you telling me you don’t treat homosexuals?’ She said ‘Yes.’

“I said ‘You are breaking the law’ at which point she went off and checked again.

“She then came back and said she was just following company policy.”

After checking with a manager, Mr Creane was told that the company will not treat two men together, although it would treat gay men.
Under the Equality Act, it is illegal for the provider of any goods or service to refuse to serve people due to their sexual

Mr Creane claims that the company told him to come back with a female friend, not his civil partner.

When the newspaper asked staff at the salon why they refused to treat the couple, they were told by a woman called Cassie: “I am not willing to talk about this. Please leave the premises.”