Queries over hacking as Accident Claims website features testimonial from anal sex injury customer

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A British personal injury claims specialist firm is receiving unusual attention after its website displayed a customer testimonial concerning an injury that reportedly occurred in a public toilet.

On Friday, Accident Claims website displayed the following on its main page:

“I was getting bummed in a public toilet and slipped on a wet floor and split my head open… my boyfriend had to rush me to hospital. I just received a £2k cheque for 10 stiches in my head and a burst anus… thanks! Mr C Eyley”

PinkNews has contacted Accident Claims to see if the testimonial submitted is a hoax – or is indeed just the remarks of a happy customer.

The story has since been trending on Twitter.

Twitter user @LeilaG said: “Loving Accident Claims’ wholly inclusive attitude towards its customers.”

Twitter user@PatrickVennDigi said: “Why you shouldn’t let testimonials auto-update on your website..check out this image & website.”

At the time of publication, the customer testimonial was stll present on Accident Claims website.