Investigation for baker who refused to make a cake for lesbian wedding

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A baker from Oregon who refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, and who allegedly called them “abominations unto the Lord”, has come under investigation.

Aaron Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes in Grensham, Oregon, has come under investigation after a complaint was filed by one of the brides-to-be.

The woman who filed the complaint said that Mr Klein was happy to serve he before, but that he changed his mind when he found out that she was getting married to a woman.

The Oregon Attorney General’s civil enforcement office will investigate the case, and make a ruling on whether Mr Klein, who admits declining to make the cake, broke the law by doing so.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal under the Oregon Equality Act 2007.

Mr Klein said in an interview with KATU: “They’ve made a choice to do what they’re doing, I’m making a choice to not be a part of it.”

Whilst denying calling the couple “abominations,” he said: “I apologized for wasting their time and said we don’t do same-sex marriages.

“I honestly did not mean to hurt anybody, didn’t mean to make anybody upset, [it is] just something I believe in very strongly.”

He said that he would rather lose out on trade, and stick to his religious beliefs.

“If I have to be, I guess, be penalized for my beliefs, then I guess, well, that’ll be what it is. My First Amendment rights allow me to practice my religion as I see it.”

A judge is expected to preside over the case.

A similar situation arose in 2011, when a lesbian couple from Iowa said they were unsure whether or not to pursue a civil rights complaint over the refusal of a Christian baker to make their wedding cake.