Frank Ocean accuses Chris Brown of homophobic slur and for threatening to shoot him

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Despite saying he would not press charges, Frank Ocean has accused fellow singer Chris Brown of threatening to shoot him, after one of his entourage called him a “faggot”.

It was previously reported that bisexual R&B star, Frank Ocean would press charges against Chris Brown following an altercation at a recording studio in Los Angeles on Sunday 27 January.

TMZ claimed to have had access to the police report filed by Ocean, during which he told police that Brown had punched him in the face after a disagreement over a parking space, and after he refused to shake Brown’s hand.

The report goes on to say that Ocean said two of Brown’s entourage pushed him into a corner, and tried to kick him, when he heard someone call him a “faggot”.

It went on to say that Brown had threatened to shoot Ocean, saying: “We can bust on you too!” The fight lasted around three minutes, according to the report, but Ocean refused medical treatment.

According to Ocean’s blog, he was not going to press charges, but other reports suggest that he may do.

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Following the incident, Ocean wrote on Twitter: “Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. lol. only wish everest was there.”

He then added: “Cut my hand now I can’t play with two hands at the grammys.”

LA Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Whitmore had previously told the New York Post that Ocean is “desirous of prosecution” and that officials intend to “find out what happened”.

Earlier this month, Ocean was nominated for an award by America’s gay rights group GLAAD.

In October 2012, Chris Brown was accused of shouting a homophobic slur at a fan who asked him to sign a CD cover.