US evangelical group: Glee is ‘poisoning our youth’ with ‘illicit sexuality’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

An evangelical Christian group has attacked US television show Glee, saying that it “promotes homosexuality”, and “illicit sexuality”.

The American Decency Association attacked the inclusive TV show created by the New Normal’s Ryan Murphy, and which often tackles issues such as sexuality, gender identity and disability.

Speaking in a radio alert, the ADA’s founder Bill Johnson, described Glee as containing “a gruel of illicit sexuality”, and said it promotes “homosexuality and deviant behavior”.

He said: “Whose values will your children and grandchildren catch? If they’re watching ‘Glee,’ there’s a good chance that they’re reeling in values antithetical to yours.

“Each week ‘Glee’ producer Ryan Murphy stirs together a gruel of illicit sexuality, secular humanist ideology, and the promotion of homosexuality and deviant behavior – and then spoon feeds it to millions of youth across the nation.”

He continued: “And, sadly, many parents are just sitting back in their La-Z-boys while this proverbial poison is swallowed by their children.

“Even the liberal MSN recently referred to Glee as ‘overtly politically correct and borderline preachy…the series has turned itself into one giant public service announcement” for sexual promiscuity and deviancy.'”

In December, Ryan Murphy and his husband David Miller celebrated the birth of their first son.

After anti-gay campaign group One Million Moms attacked his new show, the New Normal has said they might like it if they try it.

One Million Moms said that the NBC show “subject[s] families to the decay of morals and values”, is “harmful to society” and “damaging to our culture”.