NBC orders gay-themed TV series developed by Ellen DeGeneres

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

US television network NBC has ordered a new gay-themed series which will be developed by Ellen DeGeneres.

The show, the pilot of which is called ‘One Big Happy’, is a comedy about gay and straight best friends who decide to have a baby together.

The logline for the show, which will be developed by Ellen, and Warner Bros TV, reads: “When gay and straight best friends decide to have a baby together, things get complicated when one of them finds the love of their life.”

Scriptwriter will be Liz feldman will work on this project, and has written for Ellen in the past, and who wrote CBS comedy ‘2 Broke Girls’.

This new show is being compared to NBC’s ‘The New Normal’, which was pulled in May 2013, and was about a gay couple and their surrogate.

The show, written by Glee creator Ryan Murphy, tackled issues such as gay members in the Boy Scouts of America, as well as focussing on a gay couple, and the issues they faced using a surrogate to have a child.

After anti-gay campaign group One Million Moms attacked the show, he said they might like it if they try it. One Million Moms said that the NBC show “subject[s] families to the decay of morals and values”, is “harmful to society” and “damaging to our culture”.