Poll: Most believe Church of England is ‘out of touch’ with modern society

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More than two-thirds (69%) of the population believe that the Church of England is out of touch with society and half (54%) believe that it does a bad job of providing moral leadership. Almost half disagree with its stance on same-sex marriage.

The Easter Sunday YouGov poll for the Sunday Times also found than four in ten respondents believe that priests and vicars cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

More of the public disagree with the Church of England’s objections to same-sex marriage than agree with it. 49% said that the Church is wrong to oppose same-sex marriage, while just 37% said they agree with the Church’s stance.

Yesterday, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord George Carey, attacked David Cameron for his support for marriage equality, saying many Christians feel “persecuted” over the issue.

Lord Carey warned that Mr Cameron’s plans would create a society “empty marriage of its fundamental religious and civic meaning”.

The poll for the Sunday Times found that 78% think that the Church should allow women bishops.

Just 19% of respondents could name the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.