American Decency Association: Magic Johnson is ‘damaging’ his gay son by supporting him

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An evangelical Christian group has attacked basketball star Magic Johnson, for speaking out earlier this week in support of his gay son who publicly came out last weekend.

The American Decency Association’s Bill Johnson wrote a piece which called being gay an “abomination”, links homosexuality with polygamy and adultery, and calls being gay “damaging” and “degrading”, reports RightWingWatch.

Earvin Johnson III, known as EJ, took to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood last weekend, hand in hand with his boyfriend. 

Magic said that he had known for a while that EJ was gay, and that he had always supported him. He said: “He’s just happy that it is out. I’m behind him a million percent. This is really wonderful for him.”

Bill Johnson starts by asking: “If Magic Johnson says he’s proud of his son for being a homosexual does his statement make it right in your heart and mind?

“For those who say there is no God, it’s fine to screw around, play around, commit adultery, engage in homosexuality. There is no right or wrong so do what’s right in your own eyes; do what comes ‘naturally.’ And if what you want to do isn’t considered politically correct today, just wait awhile then it will be okay in the near future. Polygamy? Pedophilia? Same-sex marriage? Beastiality [sic]?”

Citing his creationist views, Johnson wrote that God had “given warnings” about “promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, polygamy.”

“Why? Because He loves His people and doesn’t want His people to be damaged and to damage other people through that sin which degrades, addicts, destroys.

“And the sin of homosexuality DOES damage! You could provide your accounts as well – multiple , multiple accounts but somehow we seldom to never hear these accounts. Do you? We just see Magic Johnson types with their ‘warm smiles’ saying all is well and I’m proud. GAY PRIDE.”

Bill Johnson concluded by saying that America was “substituting the truth for a lie,” that he himself had done things which he knew his family wasn’t proud of, but that he still opposed Magic’s support of his gay son.

“I have been loved, even when I have done wrong. I have and I will do the same. But I will never say that I am proud of an act or a behavior that dishonors God and degrades His people.”

The American Decency Association previously attacked the inclusive TV show Glee, created by the New Normal’s Ryan Murphy, and which often tackles issues such as sexuality, gender identity and disability, saying that it “promotes homosexuality”, and “illicit sexuality”.