US church: Equal marriage bill is to blame for violent Woolwich murder

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The adamantly homophobic Westboro Baptist Church has tweeted PinkNews to say that God sent the killers in the suspected terror killing in Woolwich, London, because the equal marriage bill passed its third reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The church tweeted that God is “just getting warmed up”, and blamed the killing, in which one man was killed, and two suspects shot and wounded, on the passage of the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill through its third reading in the Commons.

The flyer also included the hashtag #GodSentTheMonster, as a possible attempt to track controversy sparked through its tweets, however the WBC did not include the hashtag in its own tweet.

Yesterday the WBC tweeted shortly after the incident to blame the killing on the UK’s acceptance of gay people. The latest flyer, sent to PinkNews by the church blames the murder on “fag marriage”, and is emblazoned with images suggesting that the killing signals the “UK’s Doom”.

The WBC later tweeted to suggest that more killings may be to come, as it said: “God’s just getting warmed up”.

Two men have been arrested in relation to the attack which took place yesterday outside Woolwich army barracks in London.

The suspected Islamic extremists were arrested after a man was killed outside the barracks. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the victim was a soldier, and that he was wearing a Help for Heroes UK military charity t-shirt.

Two suspects were shot and wounded, and taken to hospital, one by air ambulance, following the attack.

Following the attack, around a hundred gathered near the scene in Woolwich town centre, including members of the English Defence League, who were met by a heavy police presence, including those wearing riot gear.

Members of the church were banned from entering the UK in 2009 because of their practices of picketing the funerals of the military, mass shootings, terror attacks and the victims of natural disasters.The attack in Woolwich came the day after the House of Commons voted in favour of same-sex marriage, in the third reading of the Marriage (Same sex couples) Bill.

The homophobic Westboro Baptist Church yesterday thanked God for a lethal tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, leaving at least 24 people dead, saying it’s because of gay basketball player Jason Collins.