Rapper Azealia Banks attacks GLAAD: ‘You don’t stand for anything and have no integrity’

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US rapper Azealia Banks, has attacked GLAAD, the LGBT media advocacy organisation, on Twitter, accusing it of “picking and choosing when to be offended”, since she was criticised earlier this year for using the word “faggot” towards Perez Hilton, and UK journalists.

In January, Banks got into an online spat with blogger Perez Hilton on Twitter, during which she called him a “messy faggot”, and suggested that he “kill himself”.

Amid the homophobic tirade the rapper also took the trouble to suggest that two British journalists should kill themselves.

After again stirring up controversy, Banks, turned her attention to GLAAD after receiving heavy criticism for the argument with Hilton, during which she called him a “faggot” for a second time.

Banks, best know for her song 212, which went viral on YouTube last year, posted a string of tweets targeting GLAAD, suggesting that it was not “helpful” for “the youth”, saying it does not “stand for anything real”, and that it had “no integrity”.

She went on to suggest that GLAAD was biased against her, as it had not picked up on “five other celebrities”, who had used the word “faggot”, since Banks first got in a spat with the organisation.


GLAAD did not respond on Twitter.

The bisexual rapper was rumoured in April to have relinquished control of her Twitter account following several feuds with high-profile users, however as of today she stil appears to be in control.

Banks, also recently took to Twitter during a feud with fellow rapper A$AP Rocky, and said the straight artist should “come out of the closet” because he insulted her lipstick.

A$AP Rocky late in March spoke out about homosexuality in the music industry, and said that “it’s crazy” that it is still an issue.

Speaking to Rap-Up, the Harlem rapper, who is set to tour with Rihanna, said that he was annoyed that the public had the perception that people in the hip-hop industry were “small-minded or stupid”.