Anti-gay Evangelist Scott Lively: ‘I don’t support Ugandan ‘Kill the gays’ bill, but it is courageous’

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US Christian Evangelist Scott Lively, has posted an article which says that he thinks it is “courageous” of Ugandan people to push though legislation which could make homosexual acts punishable by death, but that he doesn’t support the bill.

Writing for Defend the Family, Lively compared homosexuality to “alcoholism and drug abuse”, in his approach to advising the Ugandan Parliament on putting together the “kill the gays” bill.

He went on to say that “criminalising” homosexuality would “discourage non-users from starting”, in the same way that anti-drug laws stop people from taking drugs.

Commending Uganda for “firmly [resisting] the enormous power and relentless pressure of the international “gay” lobby”, he said that “Uganda’s AIDS rate went from the highest to the lowest in Africa during this same time period,” as a result.

Claiming that his “suggestions” for the bill were not accepted, he wrote: “I do not support the proposed anti-homosexuality law as written,” but with modification it could represent “an encouraging step in the right direction.”

Concluding, he wrote: “As one of the first laws of this century to recognize that the destructiveness of the ‘gay’ agenda warrants opposition by government, it would deserve support from Christian believers and other advocates of marriage-based culture around the world.”

Lively is currently being sued by the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda, which alleges that his actions in Uganda over the past ten years led to the persecution, torture, arrest and murder of gay people in the country.

He previously said in an interview that he thought gay rights were bringing the “wrath” of God, which is a sign that the world is nearing the “End Days”, just like before Noah’s flood.

The anti-gay preacher, recently claimed that he did not attend a debate on gay parenting at the Oxford Union because organisers of the event “failed to correct” an administrative error meaning his flight was booked for the wrong day.